Personalized Farmhouse Style Latitude/Longitude Pillow Covers
Personalized Farmhouse Style Latitude/Longitude Pillow Covers
Bethany Lane

Personalized Farmhouse Style Latitude/Longitude Pillow Covers

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Please enter name - note that the maximum is 9 letters; no letters are capitalized
Please enter your address that you want the latitude and longitude looked up for. For example we can enter Bethany Lane's Address as "PO Box 394, Argyle, TX 76226" - international addresses are ok but please specify the country and as much info as possible.
Check out our personalized farmhouse style latitude/longitude pillow covers! With endless possibilities, we are sure you will design one that suits your fancy!


Each one is designed in house and then sent to be made for you. You are welcome to pick a location for the center wording up to 10 letters (like "california") - everything will be printed in lower case.Please note that the font might be decreased a tiny bit to fit longer names. Find one that is uniquely you. 

Then tell us the address of the place you want us to put the latitude and longitude of. Give us the precise address, and we will translate it to the right information!
Please allow us 1 month to ship this order out for you. Each one is hand designed and then printed and made for you!
The pillow covers are slightly smaller than 18" x 18" (around 17.75" x 17.75") - an 18" insert is the perfect fit for the zippered pillow cover for a fuller pillow or use a smaller 16" one for a flatter fit!!

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